• Dear Parents,

    Welcome to East Ramapo Yiddish bilingual program! I hope you had an enjoyable and restful summer. My name is Rivka Leah Yavne and I will be your child’s teacher in the elementary division of Margetts Bilingual Yiddish Program.I am looking forward to having your child in my class this year. I hope to work hand in hand with you on essential skills as well as individual goals.Our class will mainly run like an ABA class with each child receiving 1:1 direct teaching. We will also be having circle time, group lessons, language groups and Aleph Bais exposure. I am looking forward to a productive learning experience this year!

     I encourage communication between teacher and parents. I will be sending home a daily snap shot about your child’s day that will include your child’s therapy that he/she received on that day, special of the day andother information about your child’s day. In addition, please include a notebook in your child’s briefcase that will be sent back and forth from home and school. Please share any concerns, comments, cute stories, pictures, etc. This will help strengthen the connection between home and school. If you would like to speak to me at home, please feel free to call my cell phone at 845-659-6873. Nothing is too minor to discuss. If it is important to you, it is important to me. I will happy to assist you and work together in any way I can.

    Just some pointers:

    • Please send in a change of clothing, including shirt, pants, socks and underwear. If your child has to be changed, please send back the change of clothing the next day. Please label each item.
    • Mitzvah notes are always welcomed to share special stories, stories or comments.
    • Birthday parties are so exciting for our students. If you would like, please send in a healthy snack for his/her celebration.
    • Please send breakfast, lunch and a healthy snack. In addition, please send in all paper goods that will be needed for the food. (i.e. fork, spoon, bowl, cup)
    • A knapsack large enough for us to send papers and projects home.
    • Supplies list: wipes, diapers, long sleeved smock
    • I am looking forward to a stimulating and motivating learning experience!

    Rivka Leah Yavnepencil