• Homework Expectations


    Homework Expectations


    The rationale for giving homework is to provide opportunities for students to practice and master content previously taught in the classroom.  Below is a list of expectations for the student, teacher and parent. These expectations have been created in order to help each student achieve academic success.

    1. I will record homework assignments in my homework notebook.
    2. I will complete my assignments on time.
    3. I will be sure to bring home all materials needed to complete homework assignments. (textbook, worksheet, etc.)
    4. I will complete assignments to the best of my ability.
    5. I will complete my homework in a quiet area. 
    6. I will turn in work that is completed neatly. 
    7. I will make up homework missed because of absence.


    1. I will assign homework daily.
    2. I will explain all homework assignments.
    3. I will post a brief list of assignments each day.
    4. I will grade homework assignments in a timely manner.
    5. I will offer support and review to students who experience difficulty with homework assignments.


    1. I will provide a quiet area for my child to complete daily homework assignments.
    2. I will provide a specific time of the day for my child to complete homework assignments.
    3. I will provide the materials needed for my child to complete homework assignments.  (pencils, pens, paper, erasers, dictionary, use of a computer, a trip to the library, etc.)
    4. I will expect my child to complete all homework assignments.