• Mission & Vision Statement



    The Eldorado school community is on a journey towards excellence. Our children guide us through the interests, needs and goals they possess as individuals. To that end, our students, parents and staff will collaborate to provide an environment that promotes academic rigor, fosters pride, nurtures the giftedness in each child and embraces our cultural diversity. We welcome all those who share our vision to join us on this historic journey.

    Eldorado School Mission Statement

    The Eldorado Community is dedicated to educating the whole child.  Curriculum and teaching strategies are designed to promote optimal learning and meet the needs of each student within a safe and nurturing enviroment.  We place strong emphasis on reading, self-expression, mastery of computational and problem solving skills, social and scientific exploration, artistic creativity and physical activity.  independent thinking and respect for the opinions of others are stressed.  Our students are provided with the tools to become well rounded, self-respecting, caring and thinking members of society.