• Second Grade Overview

    Second grade has a total of seven classes. The students are heterogeneously grouped.

    The curriculum includes Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Art, Music, and Physical Education. Our language arts instruction generally takes place during the first two hours of the morning with an hour of mathematics following. Our activities and social sciences are in the afternoon. Whole group, small group, and individualized lessons are employed by teachers as needed. Children are assessed formally and informally throughout the year. Common Core Leaning Standards of Learning serve as guidelines for the curriculum.

    Goals of Second Grade:

    • To encourage reading for pleasure; to teach to read with fluency, expression and comprehension; to use word attack skills to decode unknown words.
    • To express ideas effectively in writing.
    • To introduce and reinforce basic math concepts; to maintain problem solving strategies.
    • To continue using their exploration skills in science.
    • To increase awareness of their world beginning with their own community and expanding their knowledge base to our country and beyond.
    • To demonstrate and promote good health habits and general wellness; to promote appropriate lifelong social skills.
    • To demonstrate and reinforce good organization skills and beginning study skills.