• Deadlines

    March 4, 2022                     Budget transfers for state aid (i.e., Textbook, Library, Hardware, Software)

    April 6, 2022                       Title I and III budget transfers from supplies to mentor/tutor program must be submitted

    April 6, 2022                       Title I and III budget transfers from mentor/tutor program to supplies must be submitted. (note... Total amount in supplies cannot be higher than 5% of the TOTAL allocation.)                                      

    March 25, 2022                   All Library Loan orders must be submitted

    March 18, 2022                   All Computer Hardware and Software Loan orders must be submitted

    April 29, 2022                     All Title I, II, III and IV supply order requests must be submitted

    May 9, 2022                        Testing of Title I students begins

    May 27, 2022                      All TerraNova testing materials and answer documents must be returned to OFP

    June 17, 2022                      Title I Application with Student Demographic file for 2021-22 school year must be submitted

    Nonpublic Schools are encouraged to submit their order requests as soon as possible and NOT wait until the deadline day. Like the schools,the Office of Funded Programs is also operating under strict closure deadlines and will not be allowed to make any exceptions. Please plan accordingly so you will not lose your allocation.