• About Lime Kiln

    Lime Kiln Intermediate School is a two-story, grades 4 through 6 building located on Lime Kiln Road in the Wesley Hills-Suffern area of Rockland County.  The school opened in the fall of 1967, with modernizations occurring in 1994, 1998 and 2001.  The school itself is an up-to-date facility situated in an ideal suburban setting.  We have a nature walk, two baseball fields and a playground with a variety of modern equipment.  Present enrollment is currently at approximately 430 students.

    Laura Dobson, Interim Principal of Lime Kiln is an experienced educator. Mrs. Dobson believes that middle and upper grade elementary children need to be exposed to a variety of stimuli so as to foster the love of learning through as many different avenues as possible.  Therefore, a wide range of activities are offered in conjunction with our educational programs.


    Self Esteem

    The development of a positive self image and positive self esteem cannot be underestimated for pre-teens. At Lime Kiln, we foster the healthy development of the total child.  Our daily morning broadcast provides opportunities in public speaking.  We announce everyone's birthday so that everyone has a special day.  Once a month, we host a "Birthday Breakfast" to celebrate.  Ms. Gonzalez advises an active student council, focusing on community service projects.  Additionally, we encourage students to be proud of their school and themselves by participating in school activities.



    The pursuit of academic excellence is extremely imporant to our school culture.  In addition to our Enriched Thinking for Children (ETC) and Revolving Door Programs for gifted and talented students, children are encouraged to participate in activities such as The Annual Science Fair, The Annual Spelling Bee and our "Earning for Learning" math initiative.  Our Junior High School Mentor Program provides assistance to those students who need extra help with their work. During the after school Homework Center, children are given the opportunity to work with professionals to complete their assignments. We also offer an After School ELA and Math Academy to provide additional support for our students.