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    The first grade curriculum is taught by seven classroom teachers,  one reading specialist, and one teaching assistant. A comprehensive program is provided for each child. A Balanced Literacy Approach is the basis of daily reading instruction. Spelling words are derived from the High Frequency words and from units being studied. Science and Social studies objectives for Margetts encompass the use of the Science 21 Program and the use of the Social Studies instructional objectives aligned to the  Common Core Learning Standards in this area. Math objectives are taught through Math in Focus.

    Teachers meet weekly at team levels to discuss matters and to plan. They are given the professional freedom to instruct from their individual perspectives.

    The curriculum includes language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, art, music, physical education, and character education. Whole group, small group, and individualized lessons are employed by teachers as needed. Children are assessed formally and informally throughout the year. Assessments include the DRA, Running Records and Writing and Reading Conferences.

    Common Core Standards serve as guidelines for the curriculum and are used for individual assessments.

    The first grade curriculum strives to provide:

    • an inviting atmosphere which is conducive to learning.
    • an enriched environment where learning becomes easy and available at all times for the students.
    • a program where each child progresses to their maximum potential in social, mental, physical, and emotional pursuits.
    • a curriculum which is guided by the Standards of Learning but exceeds these standards when appropriate.
    • a variety of teaching methods to meet each child's learning style.
    • basic skills and exposure to quality literature and a love of reading.
    • the desire to become life-long learners.