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National School Counselors Week 2024

CouselorsFebruary 5 - 9 is National School Counseling Week, and we are celebrating all of the dedicated East Ramapo Central School District counselors. This week we highlight the tremendous impact our school counselors have on helping students achieve school success and plan for a career.

The school counselors across the district include:

Central Office:
Tara C. Richards (Director of Guidance/SMART Scholars Program)

Elementary School Counselor
Christopher Lawrence

Ramapo High School:
Karin Bruno
Valerie Caffrey 
Brenda Esquivel 
Rick Healy (Split)
Elizabeth Pannell
David Schweizer 
Matthew Sullivan 
Paola Mayo 

Spring Valley High School:
Denet Alexandre
Vladimir Aurelis
Christopher Barrera
Evelyn DeLaCruz
Rick Healey (split)
Melida Rosado

Chestnut Ridge Middle School:
Brian Caldwell
Tatiana Pollard
Yvette Cruz (split)

Kakiat Middle School:
John Boykin
Alissa RIvera-Kirby

Pomona Middle School:
Roshaun Samuels
Sandra Oates
Yvette Cruz (split)

School counselors promote academic, career and social/emotional development. They enhance the learning process and help students become productive contributing members of the community. Our East Ramapo team of professionals are instrumental in helping students achieve optimal personal growth, acquire positive social skills and values, set informed career goals and realize their full academic potential.

Be sure to thank your school counselor this week!

School Counseling Week