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Regulations for Student Parking Lot

Students who fail to comply with the following regulations will lose the privilege of parking on school property.

  • The student lot is divided into a junior and senior section. Both areas require a permit and students will be assigned a numbered spot in which they will be required to park their vehicles.
  • Parking stickers are available and must be affixed permanently to the lower left corner of the rear window.
  • Parking stickers are for registered cars only. Students must apply  for replacement stickers if a new vehicle will be parked on campus.
  • Students must obey all traffic rules and are not to exceed 5 mph on school property.
  • Students who park illegally will be subject to parking tickets issued by the Police Department and CARS MAY BE TOWED AT THE OWNER’S EXPENSE.
  • Juniors and Seniors who can show a valid driver’s license may apply to receive a parking permit from Security.