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Level Changes

  1. It is recommended that level change in all courses, whether one semester or a full year, be processed no later than one week after the pupil receives his / her first report card for that course.
  2. It is also recommended that the teacher use the first Interim Progress Report to reflect the possibility that a level change may be appropriate for the student.
  3. Level changes may be initiated by the pupil or teacher but must receive the approval of the teacher, guidance counselor, parent, pupil and Assistant Principal of Pupil Personnel Services.
  4. After the period of time has passed, as indicated above, no change in level will be approved unless:
    • It is initiated by the teacher and/or guidance counselor
    • And approved by the parent, guidance counselor and Assistant Principal of Pupil Personnel Services
    • And occurs no later than the end of the 1st semester for a full year course or the end of the 1st Report Card for a one-semester course.