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East Ramapo Elementary School Teachers and Students React to the New Classroom Furniture

Through the East Ramapo Central School District’s Elementary Classroom Furniture Project, the District invested approximately $5.5 Million into upgrading the classrooms in every one of the elementary schools. The brand-new desks, rugs, ergonomic and sensory chairs, organization cubbies and half moon activity tables make the learning environment more colorful, contemporary and clean. The flexible classroom furniture offers numerous benefits for students and instruction, including choice empowerment, physical health, comfort, community, collaboration, communication to learning. 

We asked some students and teachers how they liked the new furniture, and how this new equipment changes the ambiance in the classroom. Grateful students expressed their appreciation for the comfortable seating, such as the wobble stools, and squishy bean bags. Numerous teachers said they appreciated the flexible seating because it allows for more open and collaborative seating arrangements. The furniture can be easily rearranged into various configurations, such as group circles or collaborative clusters, enabling students to work together on projects, discussions, or group activities. This promotes teamwork, communication, and the development of important collaboration skills.

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